If you want a lush, beautiful lawn, keeping it healthy is what will get you there. Regular fertilization is the best way to keep your lawn healthy by replenishing the vital nutrients in your lawn, especially those that are lost during the cold winters in Pennsylvania. More specifically, granular fertilizers are able to provide your lawn with sustained nourishment regardless of the season. Granular fertilizer is a dry fertilizer that comes in the form of granules. It is designed to absorb into your soil after being spread over your lawn. You can use granular fertilizer for every fertilizer treatment you apply on your turf.

What is granular fertilizer?

Granular fertilizer spread among green lawn in West Chester,  PA.

Granular fertilizer, also known as dry fertilizer, comes in the form of granules or small pellets. This kind of fertilizer is meant to be spread over your lawn where it will slowly absorb into your soil. Granular fertilizers are typically coated in order to control the rate at which they release their nutrients into your soil; this means that coated granular fertilizers can last from 2 to 9 months after application. This type of fertilizer can also be applied to potting soil or the soil in your landscape beds to make your plants strong and healthy as well as your lawn.

How does granular fertilizer work?

Push machine for spreading out fertilizer in Chester Springs, PA.

Granular fertilizer works by slowly releasing nutrients into your lawn over an extended period of time. As the granules break down, they will slowly deliver nutrients to your soil, which will then absorb the nutrients. These nutrients will help strengthen the roots of your plants so that your grass can grow nice and strong. The nutrients that granular fertilizers release will also help your grass blades get that beautiful green color that will make your lawn look fantastic. Because it can take a few months for granular fertilizers to dissolve entirely, you do not need to fertilize your lawn very often to reap the benefits that it provides. To ensure that you are replenishing the fertilizer at the right time, it is best to hire a professional lawn care company to apply the fertilizer for you.

When is the best time to use granular fertilizer?

The best thing about granular fertilizer is that there are no specific times of the year that you can use it; you can use granular fertilizer for every fertilizer treatment that you apply on your lawn. That way, your lawn is continuously receiving a slow release of vital nutrients in between each treatment. It also means that if you apply a granular fertilizer treatment in the fall, your lawn will have those nutrients readily available throughout the winter and will green up quicker in the spring. While there is no specific time of the year to use granular fertilizer, it is best to apply it at a time of day when you are watering your lawn so that the nutrients can begin to dissolve and become accessible to the roots of your grass.

It is recommended that you fertilize your lawn 5 to 6 times a year to ensure that your grass has the nutrients it needs during the growing seasons.

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