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We offer spring yard cleanup services in West Chester, Downingtown, Exton, PA and nearby cities.

Our spring yard cleanups include edging, mulch installation, debris cleanup, and weed control.

Our landscaping professional trimming down an overgrown plant bed by a home in West Chester, PA.

Your yard has likely taken a heavy beating from the stressful winter season, and you need to prepare it for the growing season. Our professional team will take care of your lawn and landscaping through a comprehensive spring yard cleanup that includes edging your landscape beds, applying a pre-emergent weed control treatment, mulch installation, and leaf and debris cleanup. We offer our spring yard cleanups in March, so your yard is ready for the warmer months.

We provide our outstanding spring yard cleanup service to commercial, residential, and HOA properties in West Chester, Downingtown, Exton and nearby Pennsylvania communities. At Countywide Landscape, we pride ourselves in providing a satisfaction guarantee for our customers, so we will stop at nothing until we are sure you are happy with our work.

What services does our spring yard cleanup include?

Our landscaping professional renewing mulch in a landscape bed by our client's home in Exton, PA.

At Countywide Landscape, we aim to provide a thorough job when cleaning up your yard in the spring. That is why when you schedule our spring yard cleanups, you can rest easy knowing your yard is taken care of with these services:

  • Edging landscape beds: We will redefine the edges of your landscape beds and restore the crisp distinction between your landscape beds and your lush lawn. This service gives your property a clean and manicured look for the new season.
  • Pre-emergent weed control treatment: Spring is a critical time to prevent weeds from emerging on your property, which is why we will apply pre-emergent weed control treatment to your lawn and landscape beds. This way, there is proactive protection on your property against pesky weeds that steal nutrients away from your grass and plants.
  • Mulch installation: Replenishing mulch in your landscape beds should be done annually, so you can leave it to our team to do that when we clean up your yard in the spring. Our team knows the correct techniques when installing mulch and how much mulch to apply to achieve maximum benefits.
  • Leaf and debris cleanup: We will remove accumulated leaves and debris in your yard. Our team will check every nook and cranny to ensure we leave no twig or stick lying around your property.

You can also add shrub trimming to your spring cleanup service as an add-on.

When do we offer our spring yard cleanups?

We offer our spring yard cleanups just in time for your yard to say goodbye to winter and welcome the spring season. Our team starts to perform our spring yard cleanups in March to prepare your yard for the new season. Scheduling our spring yard cleanups also means investing in the long-term health of your yard, allowing it to flourish in the warmer months. By allowing our pros to clean up your yard in the spring and protect it from pesky weeds that may hamper your plants' growth, your yard has the boost it needs to survive and thrive throughout the year.

Call our professionals today to schedule our spring yard cleanups!

At Countywide Landscape, we offer a spring cleanup service that includes landscape bed edging, pre-emergent weed control treatments, mulch installation, and debris cleanup. Our team understands that a clean and healthy yard in the spring puts your yard in a good position to flourish throughout the year. If you are a commercial or residential property owner in West Chester, Downingtown, Exton, PA or a nearby area, then you can call our team today at (610) 285-9727 to schedule our spring cleanup services!