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Mechanical core aeration services provided for residential and commercial properties in the West Chester, PA area, and nearby communities.

Strengthen the health of your lawn by performing a core aeration service every year!

A machine aerating a lawn in West Chester, PA.

If your lawn seems to be losing its sheen or you're noticing more worn, discolored patches in your lawn, then you'll want to rejuvenate it with a mechanical core aeration service!

The core aeration process involves puncturing multiple 1/2" holes into the lawn soil either manually or with an aeration machine. This specialized tool pulls small plugs of dirt and thatch out of the ground so more nutrients and air can reach the soil and help support strong grass growth.

We provide our core aeration services for properties located in West Chester, Downingtown, Exton, and other communities in the Southeast Pennsylvania area.

How does core aeration help improve the appearance and health of your lawn?

Our grass sees a lot of foot and machine traffic. When this happens, the soil underneath becomes more compacted and increases the amount of thatch buildup. This layer of dead stems, leaves, and roots accumulates over time and sits in between the growing grass and soil. Thatch is actually beneficial because it can increase the resilience of the turf, but too much can expose your lawn to stress, drought, and insects.

Soil compaction also makes it harder for water, oxygen, and other nutrients to pass through to the lawn's root system and supplement new growth. Core aeration loosens up the dirt, which will:

  • Improve airflow and water uptake
  • Reduce soil compaction and thatch buildup
  • Help lawn roots establish deeper in the soil
  • Increase nutrient absorption

When do we recommend a core aeration service for your lawn?

In our part of the country, core aeration is most beneficial for lawns when it's completed in the fall. Although people can perform an aeration service in the spring, the turf in Pennsylvania isn't that strong because it's still recovering from the winter season.

Many lawns in our area also consist of cool-season grasses. So, when you combine a core aeration service with overseeding and apply a slow-release fertilizer, this becomes the perfect lawn care trifecta for helping your grass survive the freezing temperatures and prepare it for new growth in the spring!

Our fall core aeration season starts the 3rd week of August and finishes near the end of October!

Why should you pair lawn aeration with an overseeding service?

Overseeding helps replenish and thicken your lawn by spreading grass seeds across the existing growth, especially in bare or thinning areas of the yard. Pairing this with core aeration will help the overseeding service make a stronger impact on your lawn since the newly formed holes will allow the seeds to come in direct contact with the soil. Having these grass seeds establish deep into the ground will:

  • Increase the germination rate
  • Strengthen the lawn's root system
  • Supply them with more nutrients
  • Limit the potential for weed growth

A close up of healthy green grass in Chester Springs, PA.

Is there any lawn aftercare that must be done once the yard is aerated?

Since most of our clients prefer to have core aeration and overseeding performed at the same time, there will be some aftercare involved to ensure your new seeds germinate well.

There will be some soil plugs left behind from the aeration machine, but these do not need to be raked up. These easily break apart within the first few weeks and can be absorbed back into the soil.

Keeping your lawn well-watered and moist is the most important step to follow after your lawn has been aerated and seeded. Your grass should be watered for a few minutes every day for the first two weeks unless it happens to rain. You'll want the top inch of soil to be wet, but not soaked. Once new growth begins to sprout up, lawns need to be watered deeper but less frequently.

Help your lawn soil breathe again with a yearly core aeration service!

Improve the quality and health of your grass by scheduling a yearly core aeration service with our lawn care crew at Countywide Landscape! Our company services residential and commercial buildings in West Chester, PA, along with other nearby cities like Downingtown, Exton, and Chester Springs. Drop us a call at (610) 285-9727 to get started!