Fertilizer – we all know lawns need it, but the question is how often? The answer may be simpler than you think! In Pennsylvania, we have cool-season grass, so it requires year-round support and fertilization to thrive. At a minimum, you will want to fertilize your grass in spring, summer, and fall. In spring, your grass needs the boost to recover from winter dormancy. In summer, your cool-season grass is vulnerable to heat stress, and may even enter another dormancy if it isn't fertilized and given the nutrients it needs to survive the heat. In fall, your grass will be pushing growth and root development, as well as storing nutrients for the upcoming winter, so an influx of nutritious fertilizer will bolster these efforts. In short, your grass should be fertilized in the spring, summer, and fall at a minimum – and additional fertilizer treatments can further benefit your lawn, encouraging the beautiful, lush growth you want!

Fertilizing in Spring Will Jumpstart Your Lawn's Recovery

Coming out of winter, your grass will begin to awaken and break dormancy as temperatures rise. To do so, it'll need nutrients – which is exactly why spring fertilization is an excellent idea. Your cool-season grass needs this jumpstart to recover from its winter dormancy and to prepare for the difficult summer months coming up ahead. Spring will also bring with it a growth spurt, which you'll want to encourage with fertilizer as well. The spring treatment can serve a dual purpose in strengthening your lawn and nudging along growth.

Cool-season grasses include Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrass, and tall fescues.

Summer Fertilizer Strengthens Your Grass So It Can Take the Heat

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While commonly thought of as the best season for lawn growth, the summer heat is particularly harsh on cool-season grasses. They're not as heat-resilient as warm-season grasses and are vulnerable to heat stress. That means these grasses need fertilization in the summer so that they have the nutrients needed to withstand the rising temperatures. If they are undernourished, they may enter a summer dormancy (similar to their winter dormancy) to survive. While survival is great, the backdrop of a ruddy brown lawn is probably not what you had in mind for your barbeque. Fertilization will help ensure that your lawn is strengthened, lush, and ready to host all the lovely summer activities you want!

Bolster the Growing Efforts of Your Grass by Fertilizing in Fall

Fall is the most optimal time to fertilize your cool-season turf. During this season, temperatures are perfect for encouraging growth without being too hot or cold. Shorter days add to this effect, paving the way for maximum root growth and nutrient storage to prepare for winter dormancy. Fertilizer is just going to bolster these efforts, ensuring your grasses have everything they need and more to thrive. All the opportunity is there for your cool-season grass to take off. If fertilization is missed, your grass could thin and make room for weeds, weakening over winter and becoming more susceptible to insect and disease problems.

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