Installing sod on your property is a great way to instantly increase your curb appeal by creating a lush, green lawn. Deciding when to install sod is an important factor because the temperatures can help your sod establish those strong roots in your soil. Fall is the best time to install sod in Pennsylvania because it offers ideal temperatures for the establishment of your new grass. Spring is another great time to install sod because of the cooler temperatures, but it's cutting it close to summer, which can make root development a little trickier. If possible, it is best to avoid installing sod in the heat of the summer months.

The best time to install sod in Pennsylvania is in the fall.

Professional installing sod to lawn in West Chester, PA.

Fall is considered the best time to install sod in Pennsylvania because of the cooler temperatures. The weather has cooled down enough from the summer, making it easier for your newly rolled-out sod to establish roots in your soil and grow. Your sod doesn't have to worry about fighting the intense summer heat while trying to also establish roots in your soil. Ideally, you'd want to lay sod earlier in the fall season, so it has enough time to create that strong root system before the soil freezes in the winter. Then, once your grass emerges from winter dormancy next spring, it will already have an established root system in your soil. This means that your sod can focus on growing stronger so that it can tackle the hotter months ahead.

When installing new sod, make sure you water it within 30 minutes of installation to keep it from drying up!

Another great time to install sod in Pennsylvania is in the spring.

Spring is the second-best time to install sod on your property in Pennsylvania. The temperatures are still cool enough in spring for your sod to establish roots in your soil and grow, but you'll still need to wait a little bit after winter for the soil temperature to rise. Make sure you avoid laying the sod too late in the spring because you'll be cutting it close to summer. Your newly installed sod needs enough time to establish strong roots before summer begins. That way, it has a better chance of surviving the summer. So, while it is still possible to install your sod late into the spring, it will require more time and care to endure the intense heat.

If you can, avoid installing sod in the middle of summer.

Homeowner hand watering excessively their new sod in the summer time in Exton, PA.

Installing your sod in the summer can still be done, but it does become more challenging. The heat makes it harder for your sod to establish roots because it's under greater stress. Your sod will require more watering during the summer to survive. If your sod does make it through the summer, then it can begin to properly develop a strong root system as temperatures begin to cool down in the fall. If possible, install your sod late in the summer or wait until the fall so you can give your sod the best chance at survival!

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