Spring is the perfect time to install mulch in Pennsylvania. As the plants in your landscape beds emerge from the freezing winter months, spring is a crucial time to promote growth while also preparing them for the intense summer stress period ahead. To better assist your plants in their growth and development, it's recommended to install mulch in your landscape beds. While you can install mulch at any point snow isn't on the ground, spring is the best time for several reasons. For one, installing mulch in the spring helps suppress rapid weed growth by keeping many of them from germinating in your soil. Mulch will also help regulate your soil's temperature by keeping it cool as the weather warms up. Last of all, installing mulch in spring will help retain moisture in your soil, even in the blazing heat of summer.

Installing mulch in spring can help suppress weed growth.

While spring is the season of growth, it is also the time when weeds flourish as they begin to germinate thanks in part to the warmer weather coupled with increased rainfall. Before you know it, you may find weeds springing up out of your landscape beds However, one way to reduce or control weed growth in your landscape beds in the spring is by installing mulch. Mulch is a great form of weed control. Mulch controls weeds by preventing sunlight from reaching the soil's surface, making it much harder to promote weed growth. In addition, a thick layer of mulch can help keep many annual seedlings from finding a way to penetrate your soil.

Installing mulch in spring can help regulate soil temperatures as it gets warmer.

A landscape bed of yellow flowers topped with mulch in Downingtown, PA.

As we approach the warmer months in Pennsylvania, soil temperatures will begin to fluctuate as they're exposed to more sun. Fluctuating soil temperatures have the potential to damage the plants in your landscape beds. When the soil temperature gets too hot, for example, it can negatively impact the root growth of some of your plants. To help keep your plants safe and healthy, it's recommended to install a mulch covering this spring to regulate those soil temperatures to keep them more consistent. Mulch imitates a natural forest environment where the soil is covered by leaves and branches, which act as a barrier from the sun to help keep your soil cool.

Installing mulch in the spring can help retain soil moisture in the heat of summer.

As we approach the warmer summer months, the moisture in your soil will begin to evaporate because of the intense heat of the sun. However, installing mulch in your landscape beds can create a protective barrier between the sun and your soil to help retain moisture. Even in the summer, you can reduce moisture loss by up to seventy percent by having mulch ground cover installed in your landscape beds!

By installing mulch in the spring, you won’t have to water your landscape beds as much since they'll retain more moisture!

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