You would never build a house without having a plan first, and the same goes for landscape construction projects. After all, if you're adding a new feature to your landscape here in Pennsylvania, you'll want to be able to visualize how the final product will look. One way you can do that is by having a landscape design rendering created. A 2D design rendering allows you to see the layout of your design without any unnecessary details. A 3D design rendering depicts a more realistic and detailed view of your completed project. Which one you choose to go with typically depends on the size of your landscaping project.

What is a 2D landscape design rendering?

A 2D landscape design rendering is a drawing or blueprint of your landscaping project. This kind of design illustrates the layout of the area where the project is happening. Unlike a 3D design rendering, a 2D design lacks dimensional depth; it is more of a simple and straightforward overview of what you can expect to see when your landscaping project is complete. One advantage of 2D design renderings is that they typically take much less time to draw up, which means that they usually cost less than 3D design renderings. However, because 2D designs are simpler and less detailed, they won't offer you as much of a realistic view of your future landscape as a 3D design rendering will.

Both 2D and 3D design renderings can be created with special software, but 2D designs can also be drawn by hand.

What is a 3D landscape design rendering?

A 3D design rendering created by our landscape specialists for a client in Chester Springs, PA.

A 3D landscape design rendering creates a realistic image of what your landscaping project will look like when it's finished. In comparison to 2D design renderings, 3D designs provide you with a complete picture of your future landscape. These designs can even display your landscape from different angles and show what your property will look like during the day and at night. With 3D design renderings, you are able to visualize exactly what you will see once your landscaping project is completed. The only disadvantage of a 3D landscape design rendering is that because they are so much more detailed and realistic, they tend to take much longer to create and usually cost more than a 2D rendering.

Which kind of landscape design rendering is best for your project?

Whether you decide to go with a 2D design rendering or a 3D design rendering generally depends on the size of your landscaping project. Because 2D design renderings are typically simpler and less detailed, they work better for smaller landscaping projects. Some projects you might want to create a 2D design rendering for include landscape bed installations and annual flower installations. On the other hand, 3D design renderings are far more realistic and detailed, so they work better for larger landscaping projects. Some of these projects include outdoor kitchen installations and custom drainage solution installations. So, depending on how detailed your blueprint for your landscaping project needs to be, you can decide whether to go with a 2D design rendering or a 3D design rendering.

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