Don't judge a book by its cover – spring yard cleanups aren't all about looks, although that is certainly a huge benefit. Spring yard cleanups also prevent lawn disease and insect infestations by cleaning out dying organic matter like fallen leaves or branches. The addition of mulch to your landscape beds helps protect your plants and increases moisture retention. Applying a pre-emergent weed control treatment stops weeds in their tracks, so your plants don't have to fight for essential nutrients. With all these services being commonly included in a spring yard cleanup service in Pennsylvania, it's easy to see that the benefits go far past just the improved curb appeal.

Clearing debris from your yard can prevent disease and insect infestations.

While removing messy winter debris and clutter is no doubt an aesthetic improvement in any yard, it also clears out decaying organic matter that would normally be a perfect home for lawn disease and pest infestations to take hold. Beyond serving as a source of food, piles of rotting leaves provide shelter from sunlight and from predators like raccoons that might eat pesky insects nesting inside. They hold moisture in, making them dark and damp areas bacteria and mold love to reside in. Clearing all those problem areas out gives you a fresh slate to start the year with and avoids any future headaches caused by delaying the cleanup too long.

Adding mulch to landscape beds helps protect your plants in more ways than one.

Adding a mulch ground cover to your landscape beds adds more polish to your landscape. But what you may not realize is that this ground cover protects your plants in more ways than one! The mulch will work almost like insulation in the soil, helping take the edge off of huge swings in temperature that might otherwise shock plants. This insulation also allows for better water retention, making your watering more effective and potentially saving water in the long run. Yet another benefit is that mulch will help to reduce soil erosion in your landscape beds, which will help keep your landscape beds in excellent condition.

Mulch is also an underrated weed preventer – since it blocks sunlight from the soil, weeds can't get the energy they need to sprout.

Pre-emergent weed control will protect your plants from the imminent threat of weeds.

Our lawn and landscape professional spreading fertilizer around some plants near a home in Chester Springs, PA.

Weeds are an imminent threat to any lawn, but pre-emergent weed control kicks the knees out from under them. Acting like a blanket of protection upon the soil, pre-emergent weed control will prevent germinated seeds from sprouting through. Weeds will be stopped so early, you won't even see them! In addition to preventing new weed growth, the pre-emergent weed control won't target anything except new plants, so your established grasses are safe and sound. Without added competition for resources from weeds, your lawn will be able to thrive in the seasons to come.

Pre-emergent weed control can be paired with a slow-release fertilizer for maximum benefits.

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