While it may seem like it's only for aesthetics on the surface, spring cleanups do some heavy lifting in the realm of issue prevention and overall health too. For this reason, skipping a spring cleanup could actually bring harm to your lawn and landscape! Removing piles of debris and leftover leaves that gather over our winters in Pennsylvania will make it more difficult for diseases and pests to make your property their new home. Proper plant pruning in the spring is essential for them to achieve and maintain optimal health. Replenishing the mulch in your landscape beds is not only a great benefit to the looks of your property, but also helps to restore the moisture retention and weed blocking abilities of the mulch layer. Since these maintenance tasks make your property beautiful and encourage good health, spring cleanups are the best of both worlds!

Clearing debris and leaf piles will remove areas that diseases and pest infestations love to fester.

Beetle crawling over debris pile in Exton, PA.

Piles of debris and leftover leaves may seem harmless at first glance, but they create pockets of dark, wet shelter on your lawn and landscape. These pockets are the perfect environment for mold, fungi, and disease to fester out of sight. Similarly, pests love the shelter these piles provide, feeding off of the decaying plant matter and brewing an infestation. With their proximity to your lawn and landscape plants, it's easy for these health threats to spread and take over before you realize what's happening. By clearing out the problem areas with a spring cleanup service, you're taking away opportunities for disease and pests to establish themselves in your property!

Pruning in spring will remove any diseased parts of your plants to encourage healthy growth.

While not all plants need pruning in spring, for those that do, it's an essential part of achieving and maintaining good health. Professional spring cleanup services will include pruning, with experts that know which plants should be pruned and which don't need it, so you don't have to worry about making a wrong decision. Pruning will remove any diseased or dying parts of the plant to prevent the spread of diseas and encourage the plant to focus on healthy growth, rather than struggling to battle a setback. Once the pruning is done, your plant will be in a much better place to heal and thrive over the next season.

Pruning can also improve airflow by opening up dense growth, helping to prevent rot and disease.

Replenishing mulch in your landscape beds will improve moisture retention, discourage weeds, and more!

Mulch replenished for landscape beds after yard cleanup services in Malvern, PA.

Adding fresh mulch to your landscape beds brings with it many benefits, including great aesthetics, but it goes beyond that. Replenishing mulch helps encourage good health for your landscape plants by:

  • Improving moisture retention: Mulch will reduce the amount of water that evaporates from the soil, locking in moisture so that your plants can hydrate to their heart's desire.
  • Discouraging weed growth: By taking up space and helping prevent sunlight from hitting the soil, weeds have a much harder time germinating and thus, won't be present to steal much-needed nutrients from your plants.
  • Helping stabilize soil temperature: A layer of mulch provides insulation for the soil, helping stabilize the temperature so that it stays cooler in summer, reducing plant stress!

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