Regular fertilization treatments are crucial to your lawn's health, especially in the fall when it is about to enter dormancy. Timing is important with every fertilizer application, and in the fall, you want to ensure it is applied at the right time to help your grass in Pennsylvania survive the winter. It has to be applied before the first frost, and your lawn goes completely dormant so it has enough time to absorb the nutrients from the treatment. The final fall fertilizer should occur when your grass has stopped growing or has slowed down, as the nutrients will go directly to its roots and work to strengthen them. For the best results, hire lawn care professionals to fertilize your grass because they'll ensure the treatment is applied at the proper time.

You want your lawn to have enough time to absorb the fertilizer before it goes dormant.

If you're fertilizing your lawn in Pennsylvania this fall, you want to ensure the timing is right for the best results. This means you shouldn't apply the fertilizer too late in the fall because it's crucial to ensure your grass has enough time to absorb the nutrients from the treatment before going dormant. Fertilizers need time to break down and penetrate the soil. So, you'll want to ensure your turf can utilize and feed off of it during the winter season, as the treatment becomes ineffective once it goes dormant. Additionally, it has to be applied before the first frost so the soil is not frozen yet, which can otherwise prohibit it from accessing the nutrients it contains.

The final fall fertilizer application should occur once the grass stops or slows down its active growth.

To ensure you don't apply the final fall fertilizer too late, you want to monitor your lawn's activity. This application should be done once the grass stops growing actively or has significantly slowed down to the point that you no longer need to mow it. When this happens, the grass blades are no longer shooting new growth, but the roots are still active. This is the best window to administer the fall fertilizer because your lawn's roots can still absorb the nutrients without triggering new growth to fortify their strength and resilience for the winter.

Granular fertilizer is ideal for the fall application because it'll release nutrients to your lawn gradually over an extended period rather than all at once.

Hire professionals to fertilize your lawn in the fall to ensure it is done at the right time.

If you want peace of mind knowing your lawn in Pennsylvania is fertilized at the right time in the fall, let professionals do it! They keep lawns healthy for a living, so they have the experience and knowledge of the right time to fertilize your grass. Professionals will also use high-quality fertilizer treatments to ensure it receives the right amount of nutrients to stay healthy as it transitions into winter dormancy and can emerge quicker in the spring!

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