While fertilizing our lawns in Pennsylvania, we don't want to forget about our furry family members! There are some easy guidelines to follow to make sure that you're keeping your pet indoors for the right amount of time after a fertilizer treatment. If an organic-based fertilizer is being used, that will generally mean that your pet can use the lawn shortly after treatment since it doesn't have a heavy amount of chemicals. The next question would be whether the fertilizer is liquid or granular, as liquid fertilizer dries much more quickly than granular pellets. However, the safest route is always to ask for and adhere to the guidance of your lawn care provider, who will be able to advise on your specific situation and fertilizer used. When it comes to the safety of your pets, it's better to be sure than to play a guessing game!

Organic-based fertilizers will grant pet-safe access quicker than chemical fertilizers.

The most pet-safe fertilizers will be those that are organic-based, but you'll want to approach any fertilizer with caution when it comes to your pet's safety. Once you determine if the fertilizer used is organic or chemical, there are different guidelines to follow. For organic fertilizer, typically your pets will be able to use the lawn shortly after treatment since it does not have a heavy amount of chemicals. If it is a chemical-based fertilizer, you will need to wait longer and should err on the side of caution to ensure your pet's health is not put in jeopardy. Overall, organic-based fertilizers are typically a better option to grant your pet quicker access to enjoy their yard!

Organic fertilizers often contain natural, plant-derived nutrients that can bolster the health of your lawn while being relatively pet-safe.

Liquid fertilizer will have a quicker dry time than granular fertilizer.

Lawn care professional spraying liquid fertilizer on lawn in Downingtown, PA.

The next factor for how long you should keep your pets indoors will be whether the fertilizer used was in liquid or granular form. Liquid fertilizer will dry faster than its granular counterpart, but can also be more difficult to see whether it's fully absorbed or not. Most pets will find anything new on the ground interesting and maybe even appetizing, so with granular fertilizer, it's good practice to check for any clumps of fertilizer that haven't broken down before letting your pet back into the area.

The safest route is to ask your lawn care provider for their recommendation.

Although it's sometimes easy to sit around and speculate all day, when it comes to the safety of your pets, it's better to be safe than sorry. To be sure, the safest route is always to ask for and adhere to the guidance of your lawn care provider. They will be familiar with all the details of your situation including the application rate of the fertilizer, the type used, and other details. They'll also have experience using the product to know how it acts once applied and how quickly it absorbs in your climate, with experience to back up their recommendations.

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