Are you considering skipping out on core aeration this fall? It may not seem significant now, but putting off a core aeration treatment could be something you come to regret later. And if you own property in or near West Chester, Pennsylvania, you definitely don't want to go without it, as we have cool-season grass that will need the boost before the winter season arrives.

Cool-season grass must recover from the heat and heavy foot traffic it experiences every summer. Bypassing core aeration in the fall will subject your lawn to further soil compaction and result in unpleasant surprises come springtime. So, if you’re looking to have a healthy, thriving lawn when the snow finally melts, core aeration is a must!

How do you know if your lawn will benefit from core aeration?

Most lawns in the southwestern Pennsylvania area could benefit from core aeration. However, the lawns that experienced a lot of activity and heavy rain throughout the summer need it most. So, if you hosted multiple outdoor gatherings over the summer or mowed your lawn weekly with a heavy lawnmower, there's a good chance your soil is heavily compressed or compacted.

Compaction occurs when your soil carries more weight than it's normally accustomed to carrying, which causes it to press together and become compacted. Core aeration will loosen this compaction and give your root system better access to essential nutrients.

Why should you schedule core aeration this fall?

In our region, we have what's known as cool-season grass. Cool-season grass is a term used to describe grass types that thrive when the soil temperature sits between 60 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. For us, that is our spring and fall seasons. Core aeration is best in the fall for this type of grass because it will:

  • Heal your lawn from summer stress. Cool-season grass experiences more stress in the summer due to hot weather, heavy foot traffic, and rain. Core aeration softens the soil and makes it easier for vital nutrients to flow to your grass's root system.
  • Prepare your lawn for winter. Core aeration loosens your soil. In turn, sunlight, water, and other nutrients fall into the holes in the soil. This allows the root system beneath your grass to grow stronger and store enough food to carry your lawn through winter.

What happens if I skip core aeration?

Weak, patchy lawn with dying grass near West Chester, PA.

If you skip core aeration this fall, your already compacted soil will only become more compacted or compressed. This is especially the case as snow begins to fall and more leaves begin to pile up on your lawn. During this time, you won't necessarily see the damage.

Springtime is when you will most likely see the harmful effects of compaction. This is because when your lawn comes out of winter dormancy, your grass will grow back weak and patchy, making it more susceptible to lawn disease and insect infestations.

Scheduling core aeration every fall will help to avoid unpleasant surprises in the spring like weak grass and lawn diseases.

Don’t make the winter season harder on your lawn. Call us today to schedule core aeration!

Don't forgo core aeration this fall. Core aeration is meant to heal your lawn from the summer heat and prepare it for our harsh winters. Without it, your soil could become more compacted under the heavy snow and leave you with a patchy lawn in the spring.

Our lawn care professionals have 16 years of experience helping property owners in West Chester, Downingtown, Exton, and nearby areas in Pennsylvania with our core aeration services.

The time to aerate your lawn is now. So, contact us at (610) 285-9727 to schedule our core aeration services today!