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Countywide Landscape provides retaining wall solutions with over 18 years experience for commercial properties and homeowners alike. We pride ourselves with our experienced installation teams while meeting your project on time and budget. Don’t leave your retaining wall construction to just any company. With us, you get a commitment to quality with years of experience.

Are you looking to add a retaining wall to your yard for drainage, seating, or aesthetic appeal? Did you know we offer dedicated crews and durable interlocking stones that surpasses other contractors in the area? Our retaining wall solutions offer durability and versatility so your project is done to your specifications and there is no headache later. Get your FREE, no obligation estimate or give us a Call!

When you hire us for your retaining wall construction you can be sure your project will be completed correctly as we have the proper knowledge and tools. We will also work hand-in-hand with engineers and municipalities to further ensure the success of your project and no delays if required. Whether you need to replace an old deteriorating retaining wall or need a new one installed, you can be sure we are the best option. Just see what other homeowners are saying!

What You Should Know About Our Retaining Wall Construction

  • More than 18 Years Experience
  • Versatile Interlocking Stone Material
  • Endless Selection of Patterns & Colors
  • Dedicated Crew
  • Free No-Obligation Estimate

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